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Box of War is a real-time single and multiplayer tactical arcade shooter with rpg elements for up to 8 players. Take a lead of unique squad of 4 heroes and bring them to victory. The game inspired by Worms, Army Men and Hogs of War.

Currently I'm working alone, but if you're skilled with audio, illustration or low-poly modelling and willing to participate, don't hesitate to contact me through my web page www.escapismworks.com or directly here.

Game Features:

- Multiplayer co-op mode.

- Control each soldier in the battle or give the orders. 

- Lots of different vehicles, heroes and weaponry with their unique characteristics.

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My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Morseliot

Game is in early alpha.

Development log


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Finally a FPS game that combines strategy and shooting. Sounds like a game I used to play in XBox 360.. I am a senior art director, I love games and I would really like to help if you need help on design. You can reach me at: walfrido@w77.me

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Thank you Walfrido for feedback, what kind of design you are offering help with?